David's Recycling Best Practices

Our toothpaste cap is made from virgin-grade high density polyethylene (HDPE), Symbol#2 which is recyclable.

Yes, the tube roller (tube key) included with each tube of David's toothpaste is made from mild steel which is a recyclable material. If you use other products that come in a metal tube (medical ointments, lotions, etc.) consider repurposing your tube key by using with other metal tubes you may be using. If you have no further use for the tube key, you can place in your recycling bin.

Tips on recycling David’s Toothpaste Metal Tubes

1. Take some scissors or shears and cut off both ends of the tube.

2. Cut a slit the full length of the tube to fold open the tube to access the inside of the tube for cleaning....the edges of metal are sharp, so please be careful.

3. Wash off the excess paste with running water....toothbrush can be helpful here for removing all the paste.

4. Discard metal in recycle bin. It will be up to your local waste management provider to properly sort/recycle as we do not currently take back used tubes for recycling.


1. Roll up the clean metal so that sharp edges are no longer exposed and wad up into a 3" ball along with other aluminum foil you are recycling. This will greatly improve the chances of being sorted properly for recycling by the waste management company.

2. Alternatively, you can roll up the cleaned metal and place inside an aluminum can which also greatly increases the chances of being sorted for recycling.