Frequently Asked Questions

What is a refillery?

This of it like a distillery! We provide products in bulk to help reduce single-use plastic waste.

How do you refill?
  1. Bring in your own clean/dry containers or purchase a new one from us to reuse
  2. Tare your container prior to refilling - we have a system to make this as simple as possible
  3. Fill your container with the product and amount of your choice
  4. Checkout - we weigh your filled container and deduct the containers tare weight so you are only paying for the product
Can I return bulk refills?

Unfortunately we do not take bulk refills back as we have no way to repurpose or reuse them. We recommend you donating the product to someone who could use it for less waste.

Do you carry bulk food?

At this time we do not carry bulk food. It is our hope in the future to expand to this and bring in local bulk food from near by farms!

Do you sell bulk refills online?

We do not sell bulk liquids online currently as we want to ensure we are limiting our carbon emissions. We offer many products in tablet, bar or powder form for household cleaning & personal care use. See our Waterless collection.

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